Monday, January 8, 2007

OneDOJ - Single view of Crime!

DOJ Pushes To Broaden Data Sharing
Agency will use central database to make crime info widely available

Various companies have used Business Intelligence techniques for creating the 'single version of truth' or the '360 view of the Customer.' The OneDOJ, being pushed by US Dept of Justice, is a similar initiative. Criminals often misuse the de-centralised powers that the different states have. We have heard stories about out of state traffic ticket did not have any impact in the driver's license at the other state. Similarly, due to non-sharing of criminal information, by different law enforcement agencies, gives the criminals a lot of leeway as they move across state boundries.

The closest analogy, I can think of is the National DNA database. Just like the Credit scores are accessible anywhere we go to figure out if a person has bankruptcies or other bad debt, the criminal history of the person should also move across the boundries of the Law Enforcement boundries and should be available to USCIS as well.

Well it remains to be seen, how soon OneDOJ database becomes a reality!

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